2019 Service Project:

On July 24th, we will meet to make walker bags.  Stay tuned to find out how many we can produce.

2017 Service Project:

Wow! Over 20 tactile lap quilts for Tri Lakes Nursing Home and Mercy Living Center completed. Many thanks to Kathy D for organizing us and pre-cutting squares of so many different fabrics. Also, thanks to Jackie M for her donation of flannel for the quilt backs. All the contributions meant that this worthy service project put barely a dent in our finances so we have funds for other worthy projects.

The first delivery was to Mercy Living Center the first week in October. Chelsea Walters, Activity Director, and her staff gathered a group of residents that they thought would most enjoy our efforts. Their were many kind words and grateful smiles. Who doesn’t like to be thought of? Check out our Facebook page for an album of pictures from the visit.

While we were there, Chelsea mentioned that they have a need for walker bags. So we will have to keep that in mind for our next service project.

In November, Patty F took the rest of the quilts over to North Creek. Thank you, Patty! Once again our group pooled their talents and time to do something special.

Fran F emailed that the commitment that Northern Needles has to the community is most impressive. Indeed, through both our monetary and craft donations we do try to support our neighbors as demonstrated through donations to the fire and rescue squads, the local community food pantry and other organizations.

We are also very proud to have sponsored two young ladies from the community for the young people’s class taught by Shirley Ware at the Adirondack Quilt Camp. Both young ladies were so proud of their finished quilts. In 2018 we again plan to offer at least two scholarships so that our love of needlework can be fostered in the next generations.