Wow! Over 20 tactile lap quilts for Tri Lakes Nursing Home and Mercy Health are just about done. Many thanks to Kathy D for organizing us and pre-cutting squares of so many different fabrics. Also, thanks to Jackie M for her donation of flannel for the quilt backs. All the contributions meant that this worthy service project put barely a dent in our finances so we have funds for other worthy projects.
For the first time this year, Northern Needles gave a scholarship to two Long Lake students for the Adirondack Quilt Camp. Both Palin H and Daphne S had a great time in the class. Daphne came to a recent meeting to show us her completed quilt. We could all see why she was so justifiably proud of it!

We decided that we would like to continue to sponsor two students next year. This time we will be in contact with the school earlier to publicize the opportunity. This is a wonderful way to engage the next generation in this craft.

Thanks also go out to all who helped during our residency at the Adirondack Experience in August. The many hands truly do make lighter work. We are most grateful for this opportunity.

Just a little story about one incident during our residency there: A mother came with two sons about 9 and 11 years of age. One of the exhibits consisted of four piles of pre-cut pieces to select from to form a quilt block. The cut fabrics were a wide variety of colors and patterns. The two boys each sat down and began work in earnest piecing together a block. As they worked they critiqued color combinations and pattern choices. Their mother mentioned that one of the them had requested a sewing machine last Christmas, but that she hadn’t gotten it and now regretted it seeing how engaged they were.

All three were surprised to learn about Doug Leko, the quilt pattern designer, who now works for Moda Fabrics both designing patterns and fabrics while Moda pays him to continue his art education. Also, mentioned was Rob Arpell of Man Sewing! YouTube fame.
Their mother wasn’t certain about to purchase so we suggested that she contact her local sewing center to inquire about a used, starter machine that would come with lessons and support. And since the two young men were so thrilled with their final blocks, we made sure that they left with them all sewn together. Even had to reassure them that the blocks could be folded and ironed, if needed, when they got home 😊

Note that the Fall Marathon is coming up in October. (October 23-25)

The annual jaunt to Old Forge to visit the quilt exhibit at The View will be Monday, October 16. See our Facebook page for details.

Think you might like to be part of our group? Please do come to any meeting and look around. You will find friendly people who are very willing to help you learn a new skill or to have you work alongside them. Don't be shy and miss out!

Northern Needles in Long Lake, NY is composed of over 30 individuals who love to work with all kinds of needlework. Check out our calendar for upcoming events!

Our meetings are held on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month from 10am to 4:30pm at St. Henry’s Parish Hall in Long Lake, NY. Some of our members come to sew or stitch for the entire day, while others join us for just 2-4 hours. Many of our members, particularly those who love to quilt, bring their sewing machines to our meetings. Others bring hand sewing, knitting needles, embroidery needles, or even counted count stitch patterns. We have all levels of expertise in our group from the beginner seamstress to individuals who make absolutely fantastic intricate quilts. Anyone who would like to attend our meetings is more than welcome to come, and we send out email reminders prior to each meeting to those who have expressed an interest in attending. If, in the future, you decide that you would like to be a member of our group, we do collect annual dues of $20 , which also gives you a discount at Jo-Ann's Fabric store. We donate a portion of our dues each year to the Long Lake Community Food Pantry, and in 2014 after our August, 2014 Quilt & Fiber Arts Showcase we were able to give the Food Pantry all of the money we collected, over $550.

Occasionally, meetings are cancelled if the parish hall is needed for a funeral or a religious event.

Check under "Calendar and Events" for our meeting dates as well as special events.